Do You Need Hail Repair Services?

2020 lincoln rail glue pull dent repair if you need hail repair we are your answer
Hail damage repair killeen



Need auto hail repair services?  Here’s why you should SF Hail and Dent Team located right in Killen, Tx.

  • SF Hail and Dent Team has got you covered. We provide top-notch service with the following reasons to choose us to repair your car.


  • Our two owners have over 55 years of combined hail damage and paintless dent repair experience and have repaired over 17,000 vehicles.


  • Our extensive experience also includes writing thousands of hail repair estimates and, additionally, thousands of supplements to insurance companies. This ensures your claim process is hassle-free.


  • Our veteran-owned and operated business prides itself on excellent communication with the client and all parties involved in the claim as well as negotiating with insurers/adjusters.


  • With loaners available when appropriate, we offer a $500 discount on every complete hail repair. 


  • Our work is guarantee 100% while you own your vehicle.


  • Our staff is highly skilled and efficient, delivering fast turnaround times.


  • Choose SF Hail and Dent for a hassle-free and professional repair experience.

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The Art of Automotive Hail Damage Repair: Unveiling the Expertise of SF Hail and Dent Team

The auto hail damage repair industry is a highly specialized field that requires precision, skill, and years of experience. With less than 9,000 paintless dent repair technicians in the entire United States, the demand for high quality auto hail repair specialists has never been more apparent.

SF Hail and Dent Team, a reputable company with over 55 years of combined industry experience, takes pride in its exceptional specialization and comprehensive understanding of the hail repair process. 

Hail Repair Needs;

There are over 260 million registered vehicles in the United States and every year, more than 230,000 of these vehicles are impacted by hailstorms. According to State Farm, the average hail damage claim now sits at around $5,500 at an annual cost to insurers of over a BILLION dollars a year in claims payouts. 

The Importance of Specialization:

SF Hail and Dent Team has over five decades of experience working within this industry. WE ARE ABSOLUTELY SPECIALIZED IN THIS FIELD. While there may be numerous general automotive repair facilities, the art of hail damage repair requires specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques. Our tenure in the industry gives us a unique ability to create an estimate that’s far closer to accurate than any body shop or adjuster could create.  By focusing solely on hail repair, SF Hail and Dent Team ensures that customers receive the highest level of expertise and precision in restoring their hail-damaged vehicles.

This knowledge is one of the key factors that sets our company apart from most competitors. With a combined 55 years of automotive hail industry experience between the two owners, Duane and Greg, the company brings a wealth of knowledge to every repair job. Duane, with over 8 years of managing a physical shop in South Dakota, his having managed several large volume storms with staff, has honed his skills in overseeing every aspect of the hail repair process. Greg possesses a deep understanding of logistics and currently owns a Ceramic Pro Elite location in PA. He has run automotive related companies for almost 30 years. This wealth of experience ensures that SF Hail and Dent Team is equipped to handle hail damage repairs efficiently and effectively.

The Hail Repair Process:

SF Hail and Dent Team takes pride in its ability to guide customers through the entire hail repair process. 

1. The team conducts a thorough assessment (estimate) to determine the extent of the damage. By using hail specific lighting, dents are easily identifiable. The company uses auto body shop estimating software for the finalized estimate.  This provides the customer with accurate labor times, paint and part pricing as well as many other specific operations not normally caught by PDR Techs. 

If the customer choses to schedule with us, we collect their insurance estimate and cross check against ours.  95% of the time our estimate is the higher o

2. When the customer drops the vehicle off for hail repair in Killeen, we Utilizing paintless dent repair techniques, the specialists meticulously repair dents and dings without the need for repainting, preserving the original factory finish of the vehicle. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a seamless and flawless repair.

Understanding Insurance Companies:

With their extensive industry experience, SF Hail and Dent Team has gained invaluable insight into how insurance companies handle hail damage claims. This knowledge allows them to navigate the insurance process with ease, assisting customers in filing claims and maximizing their coverage. By working closely with insurance companies, SF Hail and Dent Team ensures that customers receive fair and timely compensation for their hail damage repairs.


The art of hail damage repair requires expertise, precision, and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. SF Hail and Dent Team, with its exceptional specialization and over 55 years of combined experience, stands out as a leader in the field. By focusing solely on hail damage repair, the company ensures that customers receive the highest level of professionalism and quality craftsmanship. Whether it’s guiding customers through the repair process or navigating insurance claims, SF Hail and Dent Team provides comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. When it comes to hail damage repair, trust the experts at SF Hail and Dent Team to restore your vehicle to its former